A Strong Back is a Healthy Back pt.1

ASKfitness1A Simple Back-Strengthening Workout You Can Do At Home

Here is a simple plan to strengthen your back, keep you pain free and hopefully out of the doctor’s office!

Spending 10 minutes a day, three to five days a week may be all you need to get your back healthy and strong once and for all. Most back pain and injury is due to weakened and inflexible back and core muscles. Too often people visit the doctor begging for injections and pills to numb their pain when in fact, a simple and consistent exercise plan may be just the cure!

All you need is a mat, a floor and 15 minutes, preferably 3-5 days a week

  • Start in child pose on your mat… Relax and focus on nostril breathing. 5 seconds on the inhale and 5 seconds on the exhale.

    child pose

    child pose

  • Several (8- 12 ) rounds of Cat and Cow… Inhale with the Cow and exhale completely with the Cat. Feel the gentle stretch of your throat, chest and belly on the inhale. Feel the wonderful lengthening and decompression of your entire spine on the exhale. Try to gaze at your navel as you exhale.
  • Table posture/all fours… Lift your belly up and in to your spine, gaze of the tip of your nose… Feel your chest and belly expand with each inhalation.  Hug your belly muscles firmly as you exhale completely….repeat this simple breathing and core strengthening exercise 8-12 times. Inhales and exhales are 3-5 seconds long!

  • table posture

    table posture

  • Spinal Balance… This is a balance and core strengthening exercise. It is perfectly normal for your body to tremble and shake in this posture. This sensation means your body is working hard and getting stronger with every breath!
  • Extend your right leg behind you….ankle in line with your hip. Feel the shape of your butt here. Reach your left arm out in front of you, upper arm by your ear. Keep your neck long and gaze off the tip of your nose. Try to hold this posture for five rounds of breath. Now change sides. Repeat this exercise three more times on each side.

  • back3

    spinal balance

  • Take a break in child pose for a couple of minutes
  • 5-10 pushups on your knees… Hold your belly in tight! inhale as you lift/exhale as you lower

Repeat all of these exercises 1-6 one more time!

Perform this mini back strengthening routine 3 more times this week.

Next week I will give you a few more important exercises for your strong and healthy back! Including my favorite…laundry basket presses!

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