The Agony Of Back Pain

back-exercisesI have been waking up every day for months with terrible back pain. The pain subsides some as the day progresses, but, never really goes away. I have been popping ibuprofen like gum drops for the pain. I had x rays and an MRI. There is nothing seriously wrong with my back. The doctor says I need to exercise. He gave me a prescription for physical therapy which requires a 2-3 day a week time commitment. Quite honestly, I don’t have the time. Is there something I can do at home to improve my miserable back pain? Help me!

Miserable in Miami


Your doctor is absolutely right! You need a regular exercise regimen to strengthen your miserably weak and inflexible back. In addition, the pill popping might just destroy your stomach or kidneys! I am happy to help you BUT…… you need to stick with the program! The exercises are simple and can be done at home. As a matter of fact, I have dedicated an entire article this week for building a strong and healthy back. Back pain is ridiculously common and remains the number one reason why people visit the doctor every year. The diagnosis is pretty consistent……weak muscles!!! Make some time and space on your floor and get with the program!

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