Top Ten Fashion Trends For Summer ’09

ripped-denim-jeans-trend1. Ripped Denim

Think the “boyfriend” jean or some seriously distressed jean shorts.

2. Butterflies Motif

Butterfly is the symbol of renewal and femininity.And butterflies motif is all about elegance this season.

3. See-thru, Sheer Fabrics

Don’t worry…a nude cami or spank-tank is a great way to pull off this seductive look without revealing too much.

4. One-Shoulder Pieces

Thank you Michelle Obama! Asymmetrical shoulder lines dominate in dress, bikini, top designs. The good thing about this trend is that it’s obviously revealing though still subtly sexy.

5. Little White Dresses

“The Little White Dress” does not intend to replace “The Little Black Dress,” but it’s very popular this summer. The refreshing white color is fantastic for hot days, and when the dress is embellished with ruffles, or made in maxi-lengths and of sheer fabrics, it’s a perfect pick for a summer goddess!

6. Fringe

You can see this decoration everywhere from bags to shoes and dresses. Whether modern and sleek, feminine, or showgirl burlesque, fringed dresses are every girl’s must-have item!

7. Ruffles & Bows

Think bows at the shoulders and hips and ruffles at hemlines.

8. Nude Hues

Don’t be discouraged if at first you “try on” this hue and it makes you look a little washed out.With a little effort you’ll find the perfect nude for you. Some are little more pink and some more gray…either way it can work with your tone.

9. Bold Accessories

Everything is colorful and big…The bags, the bangles, the earrings.. This is THE statement of the season!

10. Shoes

Fringe, tie ups/lace ups, embellished, gladiator, studs, chains, ankle straps, etc. It all works this season!

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